KAYO Origin:

As the first Chinese company which designs and creates the off-road motorcycles, KAYO began to manufacture pit bikes and exported them to European Market since 2002. Spending ten years working in HONDA before KAYO company is established, KAYO’s Chairman Mr Jigang Dai shapes unique corporate strategy and entrepreneur spirit that is distinct to most Chinese companies and share similar values with western companies. Based on Dai’s leadership, KAYO has faith in quality and reputation.


KAYO Today:

KAYO is regarded as the toppest company in off-road motorcycles industry in China. In 2021, KAYO company produced 170,000 pcs pit bike, dirt bike and ATV. KAYO pit bike has been appointed by Chinese government as the racing bike in the national races, and also KAYO dirt bike leads the orientation of the whole Chinese dirt bike market. KAYO brand is the most famous off-road motorcycles brand in China. KAYO racing team is the most famous in China off-road field, gathers and owns a national race team named “Team KAYO”, including female, teenager and male athletes and champions.


KAYO Value:

We are a responsible manufacturer which focuses on high-quality off-road motorcycles and ATVs with small and medium displacement range. With the best completion of the reliable quality and reasonable price, it makes KAYO can get an outstanding competitive advantage in the market.


Choose to cooperate with KAYO, can make your career not temporary but sustainable flourish!






The founder, Mr. Dai Jigang, worked in ZUNDAPP and TJ HONDA successively after graduating from university, and also studied in HONDA Japan. This period became the origin of the birth of KAYO.

KAYO Company was established in 2002 in Tianjin, with the aim of learning management and technology from HONDA and being China's LEM.

In 2007, KAYO formed a racing team for the first time to participate in the National Off-road Championship and won the open group champion, which made KAYO a blockbuster and attracted the attention of the General Administration of Sports.

In 2009, Japan’s 10 year reign came to an end when KAYO’s T4 dirt bike made its first appearance in the dirt bike national championship and led China to victory.

In 2011, KAYO maded the China’s first MINIGP for circuit use.

In 2015, KAYO became the first and only company in new three board stock market in the field of off-road sports motorcycle.


In 2019, KAYO’s racing training base were established. In the enterprise of sports motorcycles, Kayo has become the symbol and the standard in China.


The founder team of KAYO was basically formed in 1999. In 2001, the first children's off-road pit bike---KMB with independent intellectual property rights in China was praised by the world's colleagues at the EICMA International Motor Show in Italy.

Zhejiang KAYO Team was established in 2004, and Jinyun, Zhejiang became the production base of KAYO.

In 2008, KAYO began to cooperate with the China Motors Association to train Chinese young drivers, and established the KAYO 110cc Junior Division in the National Off-Road Championship. In the same year, the China Motorcycle Association selected KAYO Motorcycles as the designated one for the National Off-Road Championship.

In 2010, KAYO’s dirt bike, liquid-cooled T6, took first place in the championship and became the toppest standard for China’s liquid-cooled 250cc in domestic dirt bike field.

in 2014, After restarting their production of ATV’s after a 10 years absence, KAYO’s ATV became the leader in the small and medium displacement ATV field in China.


In 2018, KAYO began to build its new factory.


After years of precipitation, KAYO has a certain voice and brand reputation in the international market. The company has entered a rapid development, and the annual output value has exceeded 500 million!